Coaching Conversations
A one day program for Leaders

Are you in a role where you manage or lead others? Do you want to add skills to your toolkit for growing and developing people? Perhaps your aim is to acquire the skill and confidence to coach others. This program aims to help you understand the value of coaching, to develop and deepen your coaching skills and learn how to set up a conversation for success.

Program Overview

I’m passionate about helping leaders develop “a coaching approach”, which is fundamentally about bringing coaching skills and a coaching mindset into how you relate to other people. You can use a coaching approach to help someone:

  • clarify their goals
  • be at their best 
  • generate and explore new ideas 
  • manage stress
  • develop their resilience/resourcefulness 
  • debrief something difficult
  • overcome resistance to change

The program will help you to develop your coaching competency and practice your new skills in a safe and supportive learning environment. By the end of this one-day workshop you will:

  • Understand the difference between coaching conversations and other conversations you will have as a manager/leader.
  • Be able to identify when coaching is the right approach.
  • Gain familiarity with coaching models and core coaching capabilities.
  • Consider the importance of psychological safety and learn how to create it.
  • Learn how to use a coaching approach to raise awareness and commitment to action.
  • Experience coaching, from both sides of the table – give and receive feedback.
  • Learn how to use a ‘corridor’ conversation to coach.
  • Appreciate what is required to set-up a conversation for success.

Feedback from Participants

“Loved the mixed approach which allowed me to listen, learn and then apply the strategies. Really appreciated the time to practice and being vulnerable within a safe environment.”

“Really valuable information and strategies to build culture and become a coach. Things that can be applied straight away, which is great.”

“Fantastic! Informative, well-paced, plenty of time for questions, conversation and practice.”

~ Program Participants (2021) ~