Growing Leaders
A program for emerging leaders.

This program will help you to evolve your unique identify as a leader, by exploring your own thinking, intentions and values so you can be more authentic and impactful in your leadership.

This program targets emerging or recently established leaders, staff who find themselves in formal leadership roles for the first time, or who aspire to such roles. It will help you to reflect on your leadership capabilities, your natural strengths and the areas you want to develop.

Each group coaching session has a clear focus and is highly experiential, with an action-learning approach that enables the learning to be applied to solve real work challenges.

The program comprises:

30-minute introductory session
Pre-work before each session
4 x 2-hour sessions:

Session 1: Understanding Self
Session 2: Being Best Self
Session 3: Understanding Others
Session 4: Building Better Relationships

Reflection and action between sessions, with supporting resources and readings.
Creation of a personal Leadership Development Plan.

Feedback from Participants

“Thank you again for the opportunity to work with you. It has been such a valuable learning experience and has been some of the best professional learning that I have engaged in, and that is mostly due to you!”

“I was hesitant to be part of this to begin with but it was such a useful exercise. Thank you for your expertise and making it an enjoyable and valuable experience.”

“Thank you Julie for all of your time and support. It was a really valuable opportunity to be a part of.”