Do I need a coach, or a mentor?

At the beginning of my coaching sessions I always start by explaining what coaching is… and what coaching isn’t. Over the years I’ve developed my own explanation of how coaching is different to other interventions, but this graphic – recently developed by ICF Victoria Branch – is a great visual tool that I’ve started using

How to choose a coach

When people ask me what I do, I have an ‘elevator pitch’ that goes something like: I’m a coach. I work with people to achieve positive change in their lives – identifying what will make the biggest difference to their confidence, career, and/or wellbeing – or helping uncover their unique strengths and personal purpose so

When is coaching the right decision?

Have you ever wondered whether engaging an executive coach is the right thing for you or one of the leaders in your organisation? The author of this article suggests there are eight questions you should ask before making that decision… Is the leader someone who is considered high potential or in a high-impact role? Does the

Career Coaching

I have always enjoyed building motivation and engagement in individuals and teams. I have great enthusiasm for working with people and helping them find their path. Having spent many years in the early part of my own career working as a university student adviser, I acquired a great breadth of knowledge about the avenues you can follow