Better Leaders for a Better World.

“It is not an exaggeration to say that one session with Julie accomplishes more than a year of working alone!” Coaching Client, Higher Education Sector (2021)

“You have this great ability to crack my head open and sort through the mess to enable me to find moments of clarity, awareness and decision.” Coaching Client, Defence (2021)

I am dedicated to unlocking the potential of individuals and teams. My commitment is to ensure you get the most out of the time and money you invest in coaching.

Great coaches get great results. 

I am a leader looking for an Executive Coach
I am a School Leader, or Aspiring/Emerging Leader
I am a University Leader, or Research Leader
I want to grow and develop my team, or improve performance
I want to organise a development workshop for my staff
I am a Coach looking for a Mentor Coach or Coaching Supervisor

My areas of coaching specialisation:

Making important decisions about your career (direction, impact & legacy).

Developing your confidence, resilience and self-care.

Overcoming your inner critic and managing self-doubt.

Making the shift from operational to strategic.

Building better relationships and influencing others.

Giving and receiving feedback and having difficult conversations.

Better time management – learning to say no (and when to say yes!)

Responding (instead of reacting) to conflict.

Transitioning to a new role, or to retirement.