I help people achieve personal and professional growth,
to create the lasting outcomes they want in their lives.

Julie is an experienced executive and leadership coach, offering a unique combination of high-level coaching qualifications and a deep understanding of the challenges faced by leaders. She is committed to helping people achieve personal and professional growth, to create the lasting outcomes they want in their lives. She does this through powerful conversations and authentic connection.

“Every conversation has the potential to make the world a better place.”

Coaching Testimonials
The results of working with me…

Emotional management skills you can use in all facets of your life.
Learn to manage your responses and reactions to others.
Better communication skills to deepen relationships.
Improved self-confidence (overcoming imposter syndrome).
Skills to bring out the best in yourself and other people.
Strengthening of your brand by dialing-up and dialing-down behaviours.
Time to be still – an independent sounding board for self-reflection.

Executive & Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching is “tailored to the individual”. A bespoke development process for leaders that is achieved in partnership with a coach. When a leader is unable to make the difference they need or want to make, leadership coaching is the solution.

Bespoke Leadership Workshops

When it comes to running workshops, I adopt a highly experiential approach. My workshops highlight relevant research, introduce relevant tools and strategies, encourage self-reflection and help participants apply new learnings to real-life challenges.

Team Development & Team Coaching

Do you lead a team who aren't performing as well as they could be? Perhaps your team is well-established, but there are attitudes or behaviours within the team that are impacting negatively on the team dynamics. Team coaching could be very helpful.

Supervision & Mentor Coaching

In an environment of complexity and uncertainty, it’s important to take a step back and take a broader view of your coaching practice. To uncover the blind spots and see what you cannot already see in your own work. This deeper level of reflection is what helps you to develop your practice.

Great coaches get great results. Whether it’s individual coaching, team coaching or leadership development my commitment is to help you get the most out of the time you are investing. My testimonials demonstrate the measurable changes in thinking and new behaviours that have arisen from my coaching. 

“I really valued my time speaking with Julie. She has a great sense of picking up a particular part of a conversation and using this to drill into the coaching topic/s in that session. It was also good to speak to someone from outside the organisation about work related topics. I felt the unbiased view helped work through some issues in a different way than if I was talking to a colleague or LM. Julie was great. Julie applied the coaching well and I found it easy to open up.”
State Manager, Global Logistics Company (2019)

“Julie Lines was professional, positive, and open-minded to tailoring a program to our school’s needs. Her ability to effortlessly weave contemporary research into our workshop enabled students to experience the breadth and depth of her skills. As active participants, we trusted Julie in moments when she provoked our thinking and challenged our preconceptions and assumptions. Julie took time to listen to us as individuals, to personalise our program requirements, and to check in along the way. We look forward to having Julie back with us in the future”.
Assistant Principal, South Australian High School (2019)

“I have had Julie working as a Coach with my senior management team over the past nine months during a time of significant change… Julie has been instrumental in maintaining and increasing the performance of the individuals and the team.”
Executive Director, Australian University (2017)

“Julie was fabulous. She was my rock through a really tough patch and supported me to come out the other side. She was able to help me understand my own thinking, and support me to reflect on strategies to bring out the best in myself and other people.” Assistant Principal, South Australian High School (2019)

Schedule a complimentary call with Julie to have a conversation about working together. Let’s talk about how to:


Enhance your leadership capability.
Form deeper connections with others.
Manage key relationships.
Tweak your personal brand.
Manage your time more effectively.
Communicate a difficult message.