Navigating a Career Change: how to find your ‘why’ when you make a big change

We have all heard of the term ‘personal value proposition’ – essentially a few sentences used to describe yourself, your beliefs and values when interviewing for a new job. But have you thought about WHY you do what you do? Anyone who is familiar with the work of Simon Sinek and his ‘Golden Circle’ will understand

Do I need a coach, or a mentor?

At the beginning of my coaching sessions I always start by explaining what coaching is… and what coaching isn’t. Over the years I’ve developed my own explanation of how coaching is different to other interventions, but this graphic – recently developed by ICF Victoria Branch – is a great visual tool that I’ve started using

Career Coaching

I have always enjoyed building motivation and engagement in individuals and teams. I have great enthusiasm for working with people and helping them find their path. Having spent many years in the early part of my own career working as a university student adviser, I acquired a great breadth of knowledge about the avenues you can follow

Choosing a new career

Choosing or changing career is one of the most important life decisions we ever make, but many people make career decisions without a systematic approach. To make a career decision that leads to a job that really fits you, you need to make sense of competing messages from internal and external sources. This means you need to fully