Workshops, Programs
& Team Development

When it comes to running leadership and team development workshops, I adopt a highly experiential approach. Every session/workshop/program will include some background information about the topic of interest, highlighting any relevant current research. There will be sharing of relevant tools & strategies and the opportunity for participants to reflect on and apply the new learning to a real-life challenge they are experiencing.

Aspiring & Emerging Leaders Program

Small Group Coaching for Leaders

2-hour, half-day and full-day Skill Development Sessions

Shaping your Reputation

Valued-Based Leadership

Building a Stakeholder Plan

Developing Confidence and Resilience

 ‘Managing-up’ Effectively

Being a Better Listener

Better Time Management

Developing Better Relationships

Dealing with Difficult Clients

Responding [instead of reacting] to Conflict

Maintaining a State of Wellbeing

Navigating Your Career

Feedback and Testimonials


“Julie was really great at listening to what we were saying and understanding where we were coming from. She presented in a professional manner and every individual was treated with respect.”

“Julie was great, her presence was very calming and reassuring (especially for those who might have felt outside their comfort zone). She created a safe space for each participant to share, shared her knowledge, expertise and held good pace.”

“Just absolutely loved it and the opportunity to engage in this workshop to launch our executive team and provide such a strong foundation for our work. [Julie was] responsive, inclusive, agile and nimble, connected, engaging, perceptive …………so many more words. Thank you so much.”

“Julie is a sensational facilitator and coach.”

“Thank you again for the opportunity to work with you. It has been such a valuable learning experience and has been some of the best professional learning that I have engaged in, and that is mostly due to you!”

“I was hesitant to be part of this to begin with but it was such a useful exercise. Thank you for your expertise and making it an enjoyable and valuable experience.”

“Thank you Julie for all of your time and support. It was a really valuable opportunity to be a part of.”