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There are many different psychometric tests, measuring everything from psychological fitness to cognitive ability, skills and performance.

These tests are sometimes used by organisations for pre-recruitment screening, raising self-awareness, or as part of a leadership development initiative. Diagnostic and psychometric tools can also be used to support coaching. Some of the assessments I have chosen to be certified in include:
I am also experienced with: DISC, Gallup Strengths, EQ360, Lominger 360, IDG Insight.


PRINT® uncovers the core motivations that drive people’s actions. These are called Unconscious Motivators and everyone has two, a Major and Minor. Unconscious Motivators get to the heart of why people act or behave as they do when certain things occur in their life.

PRINT® also reveals the spectrum of Best Self (positive and productive) and Shadow (sometimes subtle, but always negative, unproductive and automatic) behaviours exhibited by people and explains why Best Self is chosen in some circumstances yet in others, the default response is Shadow. Everyone exhibits Shadow behaviours to some degree, especially when under pressure or stress. Knowing and owning Shadow behaviour is that when it shows up, it is an instant reminder to return to Best Self.

Each Unconscious Motivator has its own set of Triggers – events, situations, or actions of others that can propel you into Shadow if you’re not mindful. What sets off one PRINT® may have little impact on another. Knowing your own (and other’s) Triggers, as well as prevention and recovery techniques and strategies to limit Triggered responses. This will help you stay in Best Self, and also help others stay in Best Self.[read more]

Hogan Assessments

Personality can be defined from two perspectives: 

Identity – this is how we think of ourselves and how we want others to think of us – whether we see ourselves as smart, funny, creative, etc. 

Reputation – how other people describe us, because how we see ourselves is rarely the same as how others see us. 

Reputation matters and knowing how to manage your reputation is really important. Hogan Assessments assist you to understand the disparity between how you think of yourself and how others see you:

The Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI) measures how you behave in day-to-day life when you are at your best – it’s the Bright Side of your normal personality.

The Hogan Development Survey (HDS) measures how you behave when you’re under stress and pressure – it identifies the personality-based derailers that can limit your potential. 

The Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory (MVPI) measures your core values, goals and interests – these are the things that determine satisfaction and drive your career, helping to identify ideal roles and work environments.  

Hogan’s personality tests are based on decades of research on personality psychology and measurement, and they have been validated against external criteria, including job performance and peer ratings.[read more]


360-degree feedback is often used to inform executive coaching assignments because it offers feedback on performance and behaviour from all levels of the organisation. 

Hogan 360° is a comprehensive multi-rater feedback tool designed to help career-minded individuals and leaders at any level of an organisation gain a better understanding of how they are perceived by managers, peers, direct reports, and others. 

The report uses an easy-to-interpret framework to provide a real-time look at an individual’s attitude, behaviour, and performance. Commonly used for development purposes, the report offers constructive feedback and sets priorities for improvement. [read more]

Strengths Surveys

40+ years of research in positive psychology indicates the greatest room for growth is in understanding, leveraging (and sometimes dialing-down) use of your strengths. There are lots of different tools you can use to give you a clearer understanding of your own unique strengths…