Skill Development Sessions

Looking for a positive learning experience for your staff, with practical tools and engaging activities? These Face-to-Face & Virtual Skill Development Sessions are designed to be very experiential, allowing participants to apply their learning to solve real challenges. 

Regardless of the group composition, my aim is to ensure everyone has a positive learning experience – with practical tools and engaging activities.

Full Days

Catering for groups of up to 18 people, a full-day Face-to-Face Skill Development Session enables a “deep dive” into the topic, with lots of time for experiential learning.

Half Days

Alternatively, a half-day Skill Development Session is normally 4 hours in duration (ie 9am-1pm, or 1pm-5pm) and the full-day program can be delivered over 2 x half-days.

2-Hour Sessions

Where time is limited and you want to lightly introduce a new concept, a 2-hour Skill Development Session might be perfect.

Upon request 2 x 1-hour sessions can also be arranged as a “taster”.

One-to-One Sessions

One-to-one Skill Development Sessions are about personalising the learning for you. In a series of 1-hour sessions we will work on a specific leadership competency to meet your identified skill ‘gap’, making this a far more time-efficient and bespoke approach to traditional leadership development.

Session Topics

  • Coaching Conversations for Leaders
  • Planning Performance Conversations
  • Embracing TOUGH Conversations
  • Managing Difficult Clients
  • Being your Best (Resilient) Self
  • Building Better Relationships
  • Inspiring Others
  • Maintaining a State of Wellbeing
  • Transitioning to Retirement

Feedback from Participants

“Great session. Engaging facilitator.”

“Julie was really great at listening to what we were saying and understanding where we were coming from. She presented in a professional manner and every individual was treated with respect.”

“More more more please. Julie was sensational.”

“Interesting and engaging.”


“Julie was focused, engaging and helpful.”

“Thank you [Julie] for the gentle, firm, confident presentation that allowed us to be present, learn and engage”.