Embracing Uncomfortable Conversations

Do you want to take the angst out of preparing for uncomfortable conversations? We worry that failed conversations will impact negatively on everyone involved, or even make things worse. However, when handled well a challenging conversation allows you to broach a difficult topic before it becomes a bigger issue, provides an opportunity to increase trust, and can improve the relationship.

Program Overview

People have a natural tendency to avoid delivering a difficult message and can sometimes hold back from having challenging conversations… but if you are a leader, your willingness to discuss difficult issues is critical to your team’s success. 

In this workshop we will look at uncomfortable conversations: what they are, what stops us having them, and the factors that influence successful delivery. We will also experiment with preparing for an actual challenging conversation you need to have. 

By the end of this one-day workshop you will:

  • Learn how to prepare for an uncomfortable conversation.
  • Understand why it is unkind (and unfair) to tell half-truths and set vague expectations.
  • Appreciate how to make others feel heard and valued.
  • Learn how to control your feelings so they do not control you.
  • Know what is required to create psychological safety – and recreate it if lost.
  • Consider the importance of agreements and accountability.
  • Evaluate the impact of avoiding challenging conversations.